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Our company

Since 1990 ,”S.O.S. PLANTES” ,managed by Olga Moutran ,our landscape designer ,is dedicated to ensure that your garden is suitable to your expectations.
Our company have a long -standing interest in garden history. Our creative sensibility is grounded in the best examples of historic landscape design and we acknowledge wholeheartedly the influence of great italian ,french ,english, portugues and american gardens in aspects of our ownwork.
While our landscape designs often reflect images and techniques brought home from frequent trips abroad ,they believe each project rests firmly on the client’s needs ,interests and personnal style.
it is important to us that each design has its own identity and sense of place .Properties are as individual as fingerprints.
Our working radius was between Lebanon, Brasil, Bahrein, Irak and Syria.
We do the consultation ,study and execution depend on the needs of the client and the project. Our spectrum goes from small to big project.